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Celtics Trade Rumors - No David West?

It is being reported that the heavy Celtics trade rumors that had David West coming here will not happen and instead he will be headed to the Pacers after he signs a two year 20 million dollar contract. The Celtics trade rumor was that he was coming to the Celtics after a sign and trade with the Hornets. It sounds like the Celtics ended the trade talks and David West went with the next best offer on the table, you wonder who asked for to much to make it happen. If the Hornets weren't in heavy conversations about trades for Chris Paul maybe this trade gets done, we will never know now. The question is where do we go now, another shooter would be nice and we think we could use another big man even though we actually think that journeyman Greg Stiemsma can play a solid role on the Celtics as he is finally healthy after early nagging injuries in his life?


  1. i donot know why the celtics cannot see they are too old also there young players like bass, sulinger cannot play a lick of defense and courtney lee stinks and they have no center or rebouding thye willnot make the playoffs nice job danny ainge you should be fired

  2. the celtics havenot a center since robert parrish kg wasnot the answer now they are stuck with him for 2 more years make a trade danny get demarcus cousins we need a good power forward this team is worse than lasts years pease do something there is no pride or passion with this team thye stink out loud

  3. the celics spent alot of money on junk why they didnot pay 12 millons ayear for 3 years for a good center instead of a washed up center like kg they are why cannot danny see this they have played 6 back to backs won 6 games lost 6 games that is no accetable with the better bench they are supposed to have won 60 games this year with the team they have after 21 games thye have shown they cannot play defense so make a mjor trade cause this team as is is gooing nowhere.