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Celtics Play Hard, But Kobe Shows Clutch: L.A. Tops Boston, 90-89

 By Josh Dhani on 1/31/10

During the first quarter of this classic rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, it was all L.A. They were just unstoppable, ending the quarter with a 30-19 lead. This game would prove who is the team to beat, if you count out the Cavaliers and/or Hawks though. It was all Lakers right here.

But during the second quarter, it was a whole different story. Boston took control of this game, and Rajon Rondo was on fire. The Celtics outscored Los Angeles, 33-17, in the second quarter and took a 52-47 lead—having all the momentum. This game looked over. Rajon Rondo already had a double-double in his hands, with eleven points and ten assists.

The third quarter was no different. The Celtics had all the momentum and were still taking advantage of this whole thing. At the end of it, Boston was hanging in tight with a 73-67 lead.

But everything changed in the fourth quarter. The Lakers were either coming in by a very close margin, mostly trailing by two-to-six points at worst. With over a minute to go, the Lakers were stealing the momentum. It was now 89-88 with about 20 seconds to go. Lakers took the ball and Kobe Bryant had the ball.

Bryant was making a bunch of moves. Just dribbling around, almost about to travel for a second. But he kept control. At the right time, Bryant just lobbed the ball. The ball was in the air…spinning. SWISH. The Lakers had finally taken the lead. It seemed it was their first lead of the game since the second quarter. Kobe Bryant was showing clutch.

But the game wasn’t over. The fat lady hadn’t sung yet. Paul Pierce took the ball. He ran up to the free-throw-line, made a pass to Ray Allen—wide open for three. The ball went out of his hands and was going in…it didn’t. It fell of the right side of the rim and the clock ticked down to zero. It was all over.
The Celtics had everything, but the score was the only thing that wasn’t satisfying. Once again, Kobe Bryant showed something that makes him the best player in the NBA among the actives: Clutch. He knew how to win. He wasn’t playing his best tonight but he was valuable when it really mattered.

So always remember this NBA fans: Never say the game is over with the Lakers when Kobe is in the lineup. Never!

But for the Celtics, what has been wrong with them lately? A lot of questions have been pondering my mind about them. 29-16 now. I’m not entirely worried about them for this year. They’ll make the playoffs. They played hard, but it was Kobe who did the work. Spike Lee knows Kobe, because Bryant does all the work!
When I need a shot to win the game, I’ll always pick Kobe.



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