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Anyone else worried?

By Tyler Mudrick 11/22/09

What's wrong with the Celtics? The season began with a great 6 - 0 streak where the team seemed brilliant and unstoppable. Since then the team has played .500 basketball going 4 - 4 to sit at 10 - 4. The last few games have showcased many problems and worries that we should have with the Celtics, allowing us all to continually ask the question....What the heck is going on?

Here are many things that are going wrong so far...

1) The team is playing awful on the offensive end in so many ways. The ball movement is awful. Rondo brings the ball up the floor, passes to someone, and after 15 seconds of dribbling, they take a jump shot more than 15 feet away from the basket. This is run repeatedly, time and time again down the floor. No ball movement, no slashing or cutting to the basket, no off the ball picks...Just a whole lot of standing around. Remember when our team painted a beautiful artistic scene on the floor with all the ball movement and passing? We now have no aggression. No one drives to the basket...Why who knows? We settle for long jumpers and three pointers despite our awful percentage.

2) When Rasheed Wallace has gone in the post and in the paint, he has been pretty darn decent...When he has stayed beyond the three point line, he has been pretty darn awful. The box score doesn't lie... 0 - 8, 2 - 7, 0 - 3...These shots add up and man is he in a slump. However his offense going to the basket has been impressive. He needs to get down in the paint to make the most of his talent until his slump wears off a bit.

3) Kevin Garnett is still hurting...This is obvious, and there are many examples we have seen this evident. One most notably was during the Magic game, White Chocolate was on a break, drove to the lane, and went straight to the basket for a wide open uncontested layup. He made it look way way to easy, as if I could have done the same play. Standing in his way was a timid Kevin Garnett. Not even an attempt to block the shot which should have been like stealing candy from a baby. It was sad. The missed dunk attempts, botched alley oops, and poor perimeter defense are also other causes of concern.

4) Why doesn't Rondo just drive to the basket every single play...This boggles my mind. When Rondo drives to the basket, things happen. When he doesn't. Things don't. Rondo is flat out quick, fast, speedy, whatever you want to call it. He can beat anyone in the league off his dribble, and when he does the lane is usually wide open for him. If the defense collapses, a man is wide open in the paint waiting. There were only 1 or 2 times in the Hawks game where he simply dribble up the floor, scorched Mike Bibby and went right to the rim for an easy lay up. Rondo could easily do this multiple times a game but for some reason doesn't.

5) No rebounding. This is also obvious. We flat out stink on the offensive glass. And defensive glass for that matter. We let up a ridiculous amount of second chance points, and we don't get any for ourselves. Garnett has always been a superior rebounder, this year, not so much. Perkins is bigger and more muscular than most centers in the league, there is no reason he shouldn't be getting more rebounds per game. Rasheed, well we don't need to go there again.

So far, one of the biggest bright spots of the year has been the surprise play of Sheldon Williams. He has been excellent in his limited minutes off the bench and has made the most of his time. Pierce has also been consistent as usual. But something seems off with the team. They seem lazy, the are sitting back on their heels. No quickness, no desire. They look like the don't care, play without passion. Something needs to happen or click soon, if not banner 18 will have to wait...Of course we have only played 14 games, but it's never to early to make a big change.


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