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Off-Season Offerings and Preseason Ponderings

By Sarah Barton


Off-Season Offerings

The time has come. It is mid-October, and I, just like every other NBA fan, am preparing to rise from the ashes of last season. OK, so maybe Lakers fans are still basking in their glory, but they also acquired Ron Artest. 'Nuff said, as a Celtic fan, there is much to look forward to for the 2009-10 season.

The Celtics went 62-20 last season and finished 21 games ahead of the next best team in the Atlantic Division. Unfortunately, it must be noted that the Atlantic Division contains the likes of Philly, Toronto, New Jersey, and New York. Regardless, 62-20 is good.

Baby is back, Rondo is back, and Sheldon Williams and some guy named Rasheed Wallace will be suiting up for the C’s. Shaq in Cleveland has arguably had just as much of an impact on the Celtics as the Cavs. Now that Boston has to deal with Superman 1 and 2 in the Eastern Conference, they have bolstered their frontcourt accordingly. Or at least somewhat accordingly. Even with KG back, plus Williams and Wallace, there is still not a real great matchup for Shaq or Howard. These new big guys will, however, take some of the pressure off Kendrick Perkins on both ends of the floor, giving him more room for error on both ends of the floor.

Now, about Garnett. Does he live under a rock in the off-season? Does he live under a rock in the regular season? He missed all those games last year, and no one (publicly, anyways) knew exactly what was wrong with him. Tom Brady’s knee gets infected and it’s front page news. Tom Brady's flower pots get stolen and it's front page news. KG missed half a season, and was forgotten quicker than Tom Brady's relationship with Bridget Moynahan.

But fear no more. KG lives! In early August, he spoke publicly for the first time since March 25. He was vaguer than vague in describing his surgical exploits, but just seeing him upright was comforting in and of itself. And how could he not be vague about the complications of his surgery, considering that no one knew what was going on in the first place? Well, after seven months of sleepless nights, we can rest assured that KG is still a part of the Celtics franchise.

I like the new face of the Celtics. I really do. Bye bye Marbury and Moore, hello Marquis Daniels and Rasheed Wallace. This could be the front and back court help that was lacking in last year's hot and cold season. Then again, I believe there was a point last season when I thought that Marbury and Moore would be those panaceas. This time, I really think that the Celtics woes are fixed. There, I said it.

I refuse to make a steadfast prediction, but right now I can tentatively see Boston winning it all in 2010, in six games over the Lakers. There, I said it.

Preseason Ponderings:

Marquis Daniels is GOOD.

Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis look svelte.

Michael Sweetney did not. (Mike, you were great while you lasted.)

Is it just me, or does KG seem to be favoring his knee, just a little bit?

The new rule defining a traveling violation is the first step toward making traveling extinct in the NBA. Somewhere, LeBron perfects the crab dribble.

The real reason for the NBA referee lockout is that refs feel as though their ability to uphold the integrity of the game is being compromised. (See: above.) That, and they apparently don't get paid enough to deal with hotheaded players (that's you, Rasheed), coaches (that's you, Doc), and management (that's not you, Ainge), on a daily basis.

Rondo has something to prove this season. Whether it's to himself, his critics, his team, or any team that could potentially be courting him as a free agent next summer...that's for him to decide.

Since the Celtics starters played sparingly this preseason and they still won seven of nine games, shouldn't they run away with the league? They easily handled the Cavs with KG, Ray Allen, and Big Baby all on the bench! NBA Finals, here we come!

...Wait, every team noticeably rests its starters in the preseason? And the Celtics played the Knicks, Nets, and Raptors each twice? That's like warming up for 18 holes of golf with a bucket of balls at the driving range followed by a round of putt putt. How do these games predict anything?!

Is it too soon to say that the Celtics' season opener will be a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals?

Is it too soon to be worried that I will be eating my words in the not-so-distant future?

Finally, just as a refresher course: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Bring on the 2009-10 season, baby!

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