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Rajon Rondo: Welcome to Super Stardom

Written by: Tyler Mudrick 4/27/09

The Celtics and Bulls are tied at two games a piece. Aside from the game three blow out these have been three games filled with nail biting over times, clutch three point shots, heart attacks, pain killers you name it. Game four was an instant classic, unfortunately the Bulls have the bragging rights. But aside from the up tempo game play, the high scoring, the Noah hating, the elbows and pushes, hard fouls, and big shots, there has been one thing more exciting than the rest...

That is the emergence of Rajon Rondo as a Superstar. Over the first four game of the series we have watched Rajon Rondo make another leap like many said he did this season. He went from sophomore often mistake making leader to 4th star on an all star cast that can control the game and take over when he needs to. He made the jump this regular season and is now recognized as a flashy fun to watch point guard and also one of the leagues best. By the end of the season he had become a star. After the first four games of round one, we have the liberty of watching Rondo turn into an elite player.

In the first four games of the series Rondo has 2 triple doubles, a double double along with 6 assists, and a 29 point game with 9 boards and 7 dimes. That is just silly. Rondo has taken control of these game and is involved in just about every play. Rondo is all over the court, getting his hands in everything. Hes controlling the tempo when he is in the game, and when he is on the bench the Celtics have not been up to par. Rondo usually leaves the game with a lead and when he comes back in, the Celts are either losing or the Bulls have gotten significantly closer.

Here are Rondo's playoff averages per game so far this series:
Points: 23.3
Rebounds: 10.8
Assists: 10.0
Steals: 3.5
FG %: 50%
Turnovers: 1.8

These are just incredible numbers, absolutely mind boggling. These numbers put Rondo among the likes of Magic Johnson and Oscar Robinson... Aside from Lebron James avering 32 points, Rondo's numbers are better almost all the way across the board.

So Rondo is playing his part, and he is even going beyond that. He is exciting, flashy, smart, confident, and is playing some of the best basketball I have ever seen anybody play. His numbers across the stat sheet are just simply incredible and he deserves to be recognized as one of the leagues best, and by the number he might be the best, point guard in the league. (I feel he has the title of Point Guard of the East all locked up.) It is great seeing this only 23 year old take his game to the next level in these first four games, now all we need is his supporting cast to start helping him out. These numbers are way too good to grant a first round exit.


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