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Ode to the Regular Season

By Sarah Barton


Before last night's regular season finale against the Wizards, Celtics announcer Mike Gorman stated that the Celtics' 2008-09 regular season was better than their 66-win, NBA Championship prerequisite 2007-08 regular season.

All things considered, the man has a point. It is quite impressive that Boston won 62 games this season. Not only have the Celts had to bear the defending NBA Champs bullseye on their backs for 82 games, but they've done it with an inconsistent roster. Sixty-two wins is really kinda good.

When we woke up this morning, the regular season was over. Eighty-two games were reduced to eight seeds. Boston earned a two-seed. Most teams would kill for that. Now it starts all over again, but in the form of a playoff series, or in the best-case scenario, a series of playoff series.

Right now, 27 teams would love to trade records with the Celtics, yet the overall morale in Boston would lead one to believe that the C's snuck into the playoffs with a seventh or eighth seed.

So while Boston may have put together a pretty darn good record in 2008-09, it all comes down to whether it can be applied, with some improvements, over the coming weeks.

This season may have been more dramatic than Celtics fans would have liked, but Gorman is right, the Celtics were still very good. I know that and a couple dollars will buy you a cup of coffee, but can Boston fans really complain? The Celtics have been entertaining and successful (as opposed to entertaining and not successful...See: the Knicks) for two straight years now. It could be a lot worse.

I guess I want to kiss the regular season goodbye by thanking the Celtics for giving us something to watch without inducing unbearable frustration and suicidal thoughts. The highs were high and the lows weren't that low. There was always something to complain about, but nothing serious enough to deter any fan. If anything, the regular season "crises" were just reasons to follow the C's.

Now that the KG crisis has culminated, we have yet another reason to pay attention to this year's Celtics saga. Until further notice, the Celtics are still the defending champs. Whether they win the NBA Finals or just one playoff game, they're going to do it by putting up a fight. If they lose, they're going to go down swinging. Either way, don't write off the 2008-09 season as a loss.


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