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Celtics Clinch Number 2 Seed

Written by: Tyler Mudrick 4/11/09

A big game in Cleveland tomorrow? Or will the Stars be getting some celebratory rest?

Tonight the Orlando Magic lost, again, this time to the Nets. This results in the Celtics clinching the number two seed in the playoffs and getting home court advantage for the first two rounds of the tourney. If the playoffs started today the Celtics would match up with the number 7 Bulls.

So now that we've clinched the second seed, Garnettless I might like to add, do we call it quits on the last few games of the season? Or do we play hard right til the end? This is a hard question to answer, especially with Cleveland on the schedule for tomorrow, on prime time TV. If the Celtics can win the game tomorrow, this turns a lot of things around. The Cavs have only one loss at home. I'm sure they aren't going to be taking this home game easy. They want to make a stand that not only can they a) have one loss at home the whole year but b) rub it in the defending champ's faces with a win.

The Celtics win this game and they throw the Cavs self - esteem and a little bit of confidence down the drain. The Celtics gain the upper edge going into the playoffs. They might settle for the second seed but they can also end the season being only one of two teams that beat the Cavs at home this year. This will take a lot of pressure off their shoulders when the Celt's roll into Clevland again for the Eastern Conference championship. They might not need anymore wins on the season, and they can shut it down if they want the rest, but tomorrows game might be the most important game of the season from a psyche and motivational perspective.


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