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Thin on the wings

By: Tyler Mudrick

So Danny has done a great executive job after the trade dealine with the signings of Mikki Moore and Stephon Marbury. However, the team is still weak at the wing position, especially with Tony Allen likely out for the rest of the regular season. We addressed issues at center and point guard, but were those absolute necessities? With Ray Allen's 33 year old legs and Paul Pierce's nagging thumb shouldn't we be looking at an athletic swing man that can give us length and log minutes on the wing.

In the Detroit game, Paul Pierce logged 48 minutes! That's absurd. Especially when Pierce has been asking for more rest to save up for the playoffs. Doc claims he doesn't care about the seeding in the playoffs, if this was the case would Pierce be logging 48 minutes against Detroit? No. Yesterday Pierce was quoted as saying "Shoot, we’ve got issues everywhere with our depth, especially at the wing,” said Pierce. “With Tony being out (and) with Scal being out, we’re definitely thin at the 2-3 position. You got me, Ray and now we’re asking Eddie (House) to guard bigger guys, Stephon Marbury to guard bigger guys. So it definitely, definitely puts us in a bind. Hopefully in these next couple days we can work in Bill Walker or J.R. Giddens to give us some spot minutes and help us out, but that’s on the coach."

Steph is a great addition, but hes a PG, hes not going to be able to guard guys like Walter Hermann every game and neither can Eddie House. Dr. OUI Gabe Pruitt is too small to do this as well. And if Doc isnt going to play Walker or Giddens due to lack of experience then how do we fix the problem? There are more free agents out there and I think Danny should be taking a look at a few of them...

Bonzi Wells: A perfect option for this club i feel. I would love to see Bonzi, Steph, Mikki, Powe, and Eddie take the court together. This would be a great second unit that could get the ball up and down the floor, not have any trouble scoring, and would play great defense. Bonzi could fill in 15 minutes at the 2 and the 3 while giving us great veteran experience and leadership off the bench and provide rest for Ray and Paul.

Bryon Russell: He has hinted at a comeback and named the Celtics as one destination he wanted to go to. How could it hurt having an extra veteran off the bench who cna play a swing man. Russell could provide the PJ Brown role of last year at a different position. He'd have the desire and motivation to win a ring and would be a great player for a few spot minutes here and there.

Robert Horry: More of a big forward but could play a big wing if needed. Big shot Horry would be a great addition for the playoffs and would once again provide some great leadership. He provides us with greater veteran experience and tough D then Walker or Giddens could give us.

Antoine Walker: Would it really be that bad to give employee number 8 another shot in green? 10 minutes a game at the wing position to provide a bit of offense. Sure his defense is atrocious but I think he would feed off the crowd and be able to play a huge role for this teams bench. I say he's worth a shot.

Any of these guys wouldn't cost much and would be much worth the risk. Adding insurance to the bench at the wing is definitly a necessity especially with Allen and Scal out and Walker, Pruitt, and Giddens inexperience. Cut Pruitt and sign one of these guys to make a big playoff push and secure a number one spot. Unfortunatly they couldnt be on the playoff roster but they could still provide great veteran leadership off the bench when we need it.

Other wings to look at: Ira Newble, Ruben Patterson, Penny Hardaway, Patrick Ewing Jr.


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