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Should we Be Worried Going Into the Playoffs?

By: Tyler Mudrick

With the playoffs coming up in a little over the month, the Celtics have been far from the championship team they should be. They started off with an incredible run. Before Christmas the team went 27-2, there was talk of breaking the record for most wins in a season and the Celts having a lock at repeating. However, after Christmas, the Celts have gone just 23-15 (I know just makes it seems worse). It really isn't all that bad, but it also doesn't secure them at elite status either. This is no way for a Defending Championship Team.

So do we have a reason to be worried? Have KG, PP, and Rayray all lost their spark and motivation because they are telling themselves, "Hey at least we have one now." That burden has been lifted off their chest, they are champions, have they lost the motivation to defend and win again?

I sure hope not. And a main factor is because of the injuries. Without KG, Tony Allen, BBD, and Scal, this isnt a championship team. They may have small roles on the team but thats what makes a team, and thats what makes this team what it is. Its the little pieces that fit together to make the whole. Without the small guys on the bench this team is missing a part of themselves, resulting in mediocre performance. So with that being said, Im putting my faith in Doc's claim that it doesn't matter what seed they have. As long as they are healthy for the playoffs, this team will strive again come May and June.


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