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The Regular Season Magic is Over!

Rob Centore

With three weeks to go in the regular season don’t you wish you go play the rest like a video game and just hit simulate? Last night’s game against the Magic was my breaking point and I am sick of this year’s regular season. I want to see Kevin Garnett playing 30+ minutes again, Leon Powe back on the bench, and Mikki Moore playing the role of 2008 Playoff Brian Scalabrine and wearing a suit instead of a uniform to the game. There are just too many sub plots going on right now and I just can’t wait until winning matters and minutes, injuries, and new chemistry doesn’t.

One of the biggest things that irked me last night was Paul Pierce’s multiple failed attempts to take the lead or tie the game. This team on the offensive end is most dangerous when Rajon Rondo has the ball in his hand and drives to the basket. Why when the game is on the line that Pierce is only member of the team to touch the ball? You had Ray Allen, Eddie House and Pierce on the floor when it mattered last night, all great shooters, especially from the outside. Rondo with ball in his hands would have created a better shot for someone then any of the ones Pierce took last night. For a team that sometimes passes way too much, why not pass once in the last three possessions?

Rondo wants the ball, Pierce doesn’t want to give it to him and to me that is a problem. Give him the ball, put Allen and House in the corners, Pierce on the top of the key and let Rondo drive. That gives you options . . . kick it to either one of them and you would most likely get a decent shot off, drop it low to Perkins if Dwight Howard goes for the block and you might have a lay-up (depends if Perkins remembers how to make one at that moment) or Rondo gets a chance at a lay-up or worst case draws some contact. By having Pierce have the ball in his hands, the option was obvious . . . between the leg dribble at the 3-point line with a fadaway jumper at the free throw line with a 6’10” defender on him. If I am placing my money on the table I want five options instead of one, I don’t know about you.

Now because we can’t simulate like they do in the video games I hope in the next few weeks that Garnett is able to expand those minutes, the injury bug finally gets swatted and that Mikki Moore gets traded for Joe Smith (sorry I was in video game mode again). It is going to be an interesting few weeks and when it ends we will finally get to the best part of the season and winning will be the topic of interest, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


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