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Moore or Less with Marbury?

Rob Centore

So it has been just over two weeks since M & M joined the Celtics and while it has been anything less then candy coated, it’s not all that bad when you look at how PJ Brown and Sam Cassell stacked up in their first two weeks.

Comparing the two situations are a little cloudy due to the injury list having as many players on it as Mikki Moore has former teams, but it is worth a look anyway. Moore surprisingly has very comparable stats to Brown’s when you adjust them to minutes played as they both averaged just over 3 ppg and neither had a block on the defensive end. The big differences came in shooting and rebounding with Moore having the advantage in FG% and Brown in REB. Brown is shooting 33% and averaging 5.1 rpg compared to Moore’s 49% shooting and 2.2 rpg.

Based on the numbers you have to call the two acquisitions a wash after two weeks, but I look at that as a good thing because if Moore can progress like Brown did then the Celtics will have a viable weapon off of the bench. Even if he doesn’t, Moore will still give you energy and hopefully it won’t result in 4 1st quarter fouls like it did against the Heat.

The Marbury/Cassell comparisons on the other hand aren’t even close. Sure I know Marbury has played in over a year, but Brown was retired before he joined the Celtics and didn’t look as bad. Pretty much a wash in minutes played Cassell averaged 6.8 ppg and 2.5 apg while Marbury on the other hand is only at 2.1 ppg, but as a healthy 2.6 apg. The biggest reason this year and last for acquiring a veteran back up point guard was for Eddie House to not dribble the ball up the court. Marbury is averaging a turnover every 8 minutes on the court only a steal every 33 minutes. Not the most intriguing numbers so I’m pretty sure he only has room to improve.

The most disturbing numbers in Marbury’s game so far is not the countless backed rimmed 3’s that haven’t gone in, it is the 1 free throw attempt in over a 100 minutes of playing time. The rave about Marbury coming in is that he is/was one of the best PG to draw contact and get to the rim. I understand that he is trying to be a team player and not step on anyone’s toes, but he has never been a great outside shooter and if he is not taking to the rim then he is as useless as J.R. Gidden’s headband. I still believe that down the road Marbury will play a critical role in the Playoff run, but right now it looks like last year’s acquisition of Cassell looks better then Marbury’s this year.

You know it is a tough stretch of the season when I am comparing six games of Moore and Marbury to Cassell and Brown, but until everyone finally and hopefully gets healthy and April 15th is done with, then news will be hard to come by. Now hopefully we will get to see some Bill Walker against the Grizzlies, Bucks and Bulls because if Doc has to play Ray Allen and Paul pierce 40+ against them, then we will have a lot more worries then the #1 and more focus on #3.


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