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Don't Mock Luck(y)

By Sarah Barton


On January 29, 2009, the Celtics lost some of their good fortune. On that fateful day, Boston and its once beloved mascot, Lucky (real name: Damon Blust), ended their contract. In the 22 games since then, Boston has amassed 13 wins and nine losses. This has been the Celtics' worst 22 game stretch of the season.

Lucky's absence was especially felt on his (former) favorite day of the year: St. Patty's Day. Going into Tuesday's game in Chicago, the Celtics were 20-9 in games on March 17. After Tuesday's game in Chicago, that nine became a ten.

The green team should always win on St. Patrick''s Day. That standard was upheld for the Celtics this year, except the Bulls were the ones sporting the green uniforms. The red and green on the United Center floor was more reminiscent of Christmas than anything else, and Christmas evokes bad memories for this year's Boston team. The C's were doomed from the get-go.

Ray Allen and Leon Powe certainly weren't feeling the luck of the Irish, and both joined the injured list. Doc certainly wasn't feeling especially lucky either, and was dismissed from the United Center 29.8 seconds early after getting into a tiff with a ref. None of this would have happened if Lucky were still around.

To be honest, I fell asleep at some point during the third quarter of the Bulls game. I haven't fallen asleep that early since elementary school. I expected that the C's had the game in the bag, especially on their special day (even sans Lucky). Silly me.

At this moment, 48 hours later, I have no expectations for the Celtics. Wins used to be the norm, but now those wins come in overtime against the Wade-less Heat. I don't know who will be in Boston's starting lineup on a given night, I have no idea whether Marbury will score on a given night, and I can't trust Doc to keep his cool. Emotions are running high and stamina is running low. The Celtics' biggest problems are injury, inexperience, and a bit of bad luck. Any expectations would have to be based those inconsistencies.

I don't mind though. Without expectations, things become more interesting. Games against Milwaukee and Chicago are not walks in the park. Without expectations, I'm not watching a defending NBA Championship team, but a team which has spent its last 22 games trying to keep itself at the top of the league. All things considered, the Celtics really don't have it that bad (just ask the Kings and Wizards), but only when all expectations are thrown out the window. The Kings and Wizards, however, both have pretty sweet mascots.

I doubt that anyone over the age of 12 ever even paid attention to Lucky, and most of those who did probably ridiculed him incessantly. But you have to be careful when you mock luck. Recently, Boston's lack of luck has reared its ugly head in the form of bad knees, thumbs, elbows, ankles, etc. Hopefully a full roster will bring the Celtics' luck back, but until then, I blame Lucky's absenteeism for anything and everything that has gone awry in Boston.


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