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David Stern, Are Your Referees Jealous?

by Kris B.

I have written about the absurdity of the referees calling of Boston Celtics games before. (SEE; Official Amendments to NBA Rules Section Green.) I hate to beat on a dead horse, but this horse keeps getting back up and kicking our Celtics in the head. Are the referees sick of having the players of the NBA be the main draw? Are they doing their best to make the calls, or not make them, so that they can effect the flow and outcome of a game? They are just downright unprofessional. I only see what I see as far as the Boston Celtics games go, but I would bet that this is a league problem. If any one of us as fans were as terrible at our jobs as these guys are, we simply wouldn't have a job. How are these guys getting away with this, and why doesn't the NBA have pride enough in their product to do something about it? 39 free throws to 12? Seriously? That isn't even possible. Lebron James is guarding Paul Pierce and ends up with 1 foul? Lebron isn't a defensive wizard, and Paul definitely was fouled more than once. it is getting absurd, or I should say the absurdity is reaching new levels. This has got to stop.

It isn't anything new to Celtics fans. We have been watching this sort of thing happen since last years playoffs. Games have been decided by no-calls and phantom fouls. The question I have is this: What can we as fans do about it? Yelling at the T.V. hasn't helped. Complaining to my friends and girlfriend hasn't helped either. Our favorite sports radio guys on WEEI have radio shows and don't have the power to do much. Doc Rivers nor the Celtics players are allowed to say anything unless they wish to pay a nice fine. So what else is there? Do we make up shirts that say "NBA, Where Blind Referees Happen" in protest? Do we start a petition and send it to David Stern? Would that even do any good? If anybody has the answer, please let the rest of us Celtics fans know. We know that the team itself fights through it and overcomes it. You gotta love that. They still beat the mighty Cavs tonite, without KG, and playing 8-on-5 basketball. Get your act together Adam Stern. Boston, and I would be willing to bet the whole league, is sick of the substandard people that comprise your referee staff. To quote Ron Burgundy: "That's bush. Bush league!"

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  1. This reminded me of an image I made during the 08 playoffs.