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Celtics injury plagued?...Or Just Getting Extra Rest

Written by Tyler Mudrick

Its that time of the year, teams making one last push to secure their playoff fate. They have ran a long hard journey throughout the season, and now is the time to make that final run to move up in the standings. Unfortunately, the Celtics have been hit by the injury bug. Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine have already missed a big handful of games lately, Big Baby just went down with a sprained ankle. Two of the big shots are out as well, KG has missed eight games with a knee injury, and Rondo will miss his second straight tonight with a sprained ankle. KG, Rondo, Baby, Scal, and Tony have all been ruled out for at least the next 2 games if not more. But are they really that hurt? I think Doc is just being cautious, and using his "Doc Rivers reverse Strategy".

Tony and Scal, I understand then being out for a long time the have legit injuries. Allen with surgery on his thumb and Scal who is suffering post concussion syndrome, some say he might never play again because of the trauma being so bad and another concussion could cause severe long term damage. Baby looked like he twisted the ankle, but not as bad as he made it seem.

KG, and Rondo, now I think they are a different story. The "injury bug" has hit the Celtics in the past, mainly when a star player was looking tired and lacking in his hustle. Remember the infamous tank season when Pierce sat out 30 something games with an "elbow injury". He was just being saved for next season. Here, Doc is giving Rondo and KG an extended rest and being cautious. He has even gone on record saying being healthy is more important than homecourt advantage. When KG "hurt" his knee, I really didn't see a twist or see anything that would be too painful for him. What I did see was a KG who was tired and looking in much need of some rest. I don't want to be blamed for saying this guy is "faking" and injury, but I really don't think that it is something so serious to get worked up over. KG will be fine, probably is perfectly fine, and is just getting a few extra days off to rest for the playoffs, come back for the last stretch and get his legs going again just in time. Same goes for Rondo. He really didnt look super injured on the play that took him out of these games. He has just been running the show so much and logging heavy minutes that he needed a few days to rest, recoop, and recharge those batteries.

The pros of KG and Rondo being out? Mikki Moore and Stephon getting more minutes. I don't think it is any coincidence that these two starters are sitting out. Moore and Steph are new to the system, the more minutes they log, the more chemistry and confidence they gain with and from the team. The Celts already have their playoff birth clinched and are almost guaranteed home court advantage through rounds 1 and maybe even 2, so why not let the new guys log some heavy minutes and give the starters rest? When KG and Rondo return, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Pierce went down with a "tweaked knee" or Ray Allen sit out a couple games with a "sore ankle." This would allow the two other big guns to get some rest while a guy like Bill Walker could show us if he has what it takes to play a few minutes here and there in the playoffs.


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