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Official Amendments to NBA Rules Section Green

Section Green Amendments:
  1. Players wearing uniforms designating them as "CELTICS" and/or "BOSTON" are effected in all Amendments of Section Green regardless of uniform color, be it white and green, green and white, green and black or green and gold.
  2. In an instance where it appears as though a foul has, or may have occurred, always designate foul call to nearest "CELTICS" or "BOSTON" player.
  3. Intent to Foul Rule. In any case where it appears that a foul could occur, whether or not actual contact is made, the "CELTICS" or "BOSTON" player will be assessed a foul. The intent to possibly commit a foul is in fact a foul. Imperitive in game-on-the-line situations.
  4. In a case where the game being played is either led by or being lost by a minimal margin, the "CELTICS" or "BOSTON" team: There will be no fouls called on the opposing team, if a whistle is blown accidentally, foul will be assessed to nearest "CELTICS" or "BOSTON" player. This will be known also as the "8 on 5 Rule".
  5. Potentially game-winning shots will be ignored as far as any potential foul situations occur. Basket will count if it goes in, however, there will be no "and-1" or foul shot situations.
  6. In the case that a player for "CELTICS" or "BOSTON" is in foul trouble with 4 or 5 fouls: Find any reason to foul them out. Any and all plays involving said player will be assessed a foul. SEE; Rule 3.
  7. Charging calls/Blocking calls will always be assessed to "CELTICS" or "BOSTON" player involved in or closest to play in question.


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