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No KG? Double R Steps Up

Kevin Garnett goes down with a knee injury and everybody wants to know what will happen to the Celtics. KG is the defensive leader, oh no! KG is the intensity leader, oh no! And here comes the big, bad Phoenix Suns who have demolished their last opponents averaging over 140 PPG in the last 3 games. Oh no! Are you kidding me? The Boston Celtics are the defending NBA Champions. We have P Squared, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. What's to fear? The Celtics were 8-0 without KG last year, and 2-0 so far this year prior to their match up with the Suns. No fear. Ray Allen is the best shooter in the league, from the field and the line. P Squared, do I even have to tell you how GOOD P Squared is? Rajon Rondo is among the premier point guards in the league, with the highest FG% among guards. This is a team folks, not just a few star players, but a team. When one goes down, the rest compensate. In a game that Brian Scalabrine started, the Celtics won by 20 points. Rondo scored 32 points!! 32 points!! 32 points, are you kidding me?! Ray Allen added 31 and P Squared 26. Had KG been playing, the results would have been similar, accept that the Suns may not have scored over 100. Somebody will always step up, this is not a team to take an injury lying down. Last time KG was out it was Big Baby who produced. Tonite it was Rondo, adding 8 assists to his 32 points in a solid win for the C's. Without KG. Rest up, Kevin, get ready for the playoffs. In the meantime, I for one, have full confidence that the Boston Celtics will continue their winning ways until #5 can run the floor again.


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