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Insert Stephon Marbury...

By Tyler Mudrick

So the trade deadline passed quietly for the Celtics, but who knew the next coming week would be such an active time for them. Mikki Moore was the first to become official which is super exciting in my eyes. I was all for giving Patty O Bryant minutes, but now Moore is here and Doc should let him see the court regularly. Moore has never been a super star but he can play and he can fit into the system right away for us. He is active on the defense, laying in the weeds and provide a nice athletic shot blocker. The best part about his game is that he is a legit 7 footer!! Finally the Celtics have a veteran center on the bench (not named Scot Pollard).

Also he spreads the floor on offense and will create great space for our next teammate...

Insert Stephon Marbury... He's been released by the Knicks (finally after months and months of torture and frustration news headlines. Trying to buy out Stephon Marbury is almost as hard as getting Brett Farve to retire), and all signs point to him signing with the Celtics for the 1.3 million dollar veteran minimum. There are a lot of celtics fans and analyists out there that feel like the Marbury signing would be a bad thing. The knucklehead with the tattoo on his forehead that can destroy locker chemistry like the plague is going to break apart the chemistry of the championship celtics...But thats them, what do I have to say about the Marbury signing??....


Stephon is going to be great in green. Yes he has had a lot of ego issues in the past, but this overshadows his phenominal achievements as a basketball player. People seems to forget that Marbury is a 13 year veteran that has career averages of 20 point per game and 8 assists per game. Along with good perimeter defense, 43% field goal shooting, a nice three point shot, and a great leadership ability in running the floor. Marbury is a proven all star that has been lost in translation in a Knicks system that has never wanted him. People forget that Marbury only turned 32 this past week. The people against this forget that Marbury has something to prove; the Knicks are in the same conference and he is ready to prove to them and all the Stephon haters that he was good to go all along and could have helped the Knicks win some game.

No longer will we have to watch Eddie House painfully dribble the ball up the court with his back turned. No longer will we have to watch the second unit be out of sync and have trouble putting the ball in the hoop. We need a scorer on out bench. A guy that can get inside and kick it out to House behind the line, Mikki on the elbow, even Baby and Scal in the corner, with Mikki creating space by opening up the middle Marbury should be able to provide that for us all day. I'd love to see him play with Rondo at the same time and give us 20 minutes a game. His veteran presence will greatly help the champs in the rest of the season and will be even better in the playoffs...How many times has added a 20, 8, former all star to a team been a bad thing? I'm exciting for Marbury's first appearance and you should be too.


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