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Cassell trade is Puzzling...

Written by: Tyler Mudrick

Last night, the Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings agreed, in principle, to a trade that would send Same Cassell to Sac Town for...Virtually nothing? A second round "heavily protected" draft pick that if Cassell is cut by the Kings, which he most certainly will, the Celtics don't get anyway... Hmmm. Want more confusion, the Celtics are paying for most of Cassell's salary. So, we pay his salary, get nothing in return, I ask the question why did we not just waive Cassell and keep him on the bench as an Assistant coach? There is speculation that the Kings will buy Cassell out and in thirty days he will just resign with the Celtics as either a player, if they cant find anything else, or , which would make the most sense, a coach. He sat on the bench all year why not just throw a suit on him and let him keep doing what they are doing.

I can't say whether I am for this trade or against it because I just don't understand why they didn't waive him. Or why they didn't just make him a coach at the beginning of the season. Or why in the world they signed him at all when we could have given less money to Darius Miles to be much more productive off our bench. So the whole Cassell thing is just bugging me now. The Celtics need an athletic young swing man with length off the bench, and we had him right under our nose with Darius Miles. Instead we use up a roster space with Cassell and pay him more money to not play, then just ship him away for nothing when we all know he loves Boston and would love to have a chance at another ring. What in tarnation? If Danny didn't intend on using him as a back up option toward the end of the year what was the use in signing him to begin with?? Hopefully Danny has something up his sleeve to put an end to all this confusion.


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