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Stephan Marbury: “Even the Best TEAM of Docs Couldn't Cure This Cancer"

Written by: Brian Welte

As youngsters, we are all persuaded to play different sports by parents, teachers, and any other adult figures in our lives. Their goal is not to witness us master a specific sport, but rather to gain certain life long lessons; the most important being teamwork. Teamwork is imperative in order to succeed in the majority of the sports in today’s society, and without it teams are unsuccessful.
There is word that the 2007-2008 World Championship Boston Celtics are interested in acquiring Stephon Marbury from the New York Knicks. Marbury is an NBA veteran with talent, but over the years he has been categorized as a ‘head-case’ and a selfish player. While in Minnesota, him and current NBA Champion Kevin Garnett, bumped heads and caused a major rift in the team. Their record truly showed it.
Nowadays, you can find Marbury on the sidelines, in street clothes, at Knicks games. He refuses to dress and play for the Knicks. If I could choose only one word to describe Marbury it would be cancer (this is as a basketball player only). Marbury is the kind of player whom is selfish and puts himself before the team. Cancer is dangerous because it is capable of spreading and metastasizing. The last thing that the reigning Champions need is for selfishness and egos to spread throughout the team.
The Celtics won last year because they played phenomenal TEAM basketball and worked hard together as one unit. They were amongst the best in the league in defense because they played together, communicated, and helped each other out. This is the epitome of a Championship team.
Currently, the Celtics are in a little bit of a slump. However, bringing cancer to the team will slowly and surely bring them down to the bottom, and this cancer, like most cancers, could be incurable. The Celtics merely have to get back to their roots. Reiterate exactly how and why they won the Championship last year, which was TEAM basketball. If they play together as a team, they will win together as a team.


  1. I think Marbury would be a great addition. He surely must have learned that pissing off the management is not going to get him anywhere close to the court or locker room and i don't think Sam Cassell can play well enough to be the backup PG during the playoffs

  2. Marbury would a great fit --- He's good friends with KG --- he's still filled with talent --- and he has a lot to prove --- let's not forget that Marbury was not really a cancer until he got to NY --- he was awesome in NJ and Phoenix and while he has acted poorly in NY, he was also amongst one of the most mismanaged sports organizations in modern history....

  3. I think that adding Marbury will be a great thing. If hes making the management mad they should know not to play him. If Marbury is showing respect to his team and management, If he loses his ego and plays like a team player the celtics have a huge gain and have more power then the championship team of 08.