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Kendrick Perkins is growing up...

Written by Tyler Mudrick

There used to be a time when Kendrick Perkins used to make me react with severe curses and throwing hard objects into fragile pieces of furniture. Frustration on the guy (or I guess kid at the time) would be so high for me that he quickly became my most hated player on the Celtics. For the first four years of his career I wished for him to be cut during the Preseason, Traded before the dealine, or waived during the middle of the year....

My how things have changed.

Kendrick Perkins can be considered a veteran in the leauge, and most people don't even realize it. This is Perkins' sixth year in the league and he is only a young 24 years of age. I used to be mad when Perkins made a stupid mistake or made a frustrating turnover. It never occured to me that the guy should still be playing college ball. If Kendrick had done his college time he should only be a sophomore in the league with a very bright future. Instead, Perkins has four years of NBA experience. Thats four years of NBA coaching, NBA opponents, NBA practice, and NBA lifestyle. So when most guys are reaching their prime years at age 28 - 31ish and have been in the league 6 years, Perkins will always have those extra seasons of experience. Ray Allen, KG, and Pierce all had their best statistical years in their 8th and 9th seasons. We have only seen the beginning of what Perk has to offer.

Since coming into the league Perks totals in Points, rebounding, and blocks have gone up pretty consistently. When Perkins is now given the ball in the post, you have faith. Instead of saying "Quick pass the ball, pass the ball!" there is hope of him making the ball in the hoop, or making a good move. There was a time when Perkins would get the ball in the post, take three power dribbles, never go to the left side, and throw up a bricked right handed hook (come on we all remember this move) but now he has a bag of tricks. Perkins used to only have one great quality to his game... the outlet pass. Now Perk is a legit center in the league. Every night he is a threat to get a double double, and he almost averages one coming in with 8.6 points per game along with 8 rebounds. His defensive presence in the paint (1.8 blocks per game) is intimidating and really holds the team defense together. His toughness, intimidation factor, and his intensity all play a big role in the Celtics chemistry. Like I said, the best is yet to come for Perkins. He is already playing a key part on a championship team, he is only 24, and we have only seen the beginning of Kendrick Perkins.


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