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February 19th - Deadline on Celtic roster shuffle

Off until tomorrow night, when they go up against the lowly Sacramento Kings at home (7:30), the Celts are poised to win their ninth straight game and improve their record to 38-9.
The Kings, a team the C's beat by a season-high 45 points (108-63) on 12/28/08, didn't score more than 17 points in any of the four quarters, and only had one player in double figures (John Salmons with 11).
So as the Kings go for the sixth-straight loss, attempting to become the worst team in the NBA, even with the reintroduction of Kevin Martin, could the Celtics be in a doomed trap game with a showdown with the Pistons on the horizon?
No. Not at all.
The Kings may make a game out of it early; possibly by hitting some threes and playing with some underdog heart, but the Celts are on a roll. Ray Allen is on fire; Eddie House is on fire; Rajon Rondo is playing great...do I need to mention Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, or the fine jobs Brian Scalabrine or Glen Davis have done off the bench?
No. I don't.
What will I mention, however, is the NBA trade deadline idling on the 19th of February.
Everyone and their mother has ideas about what Danny Ainge and company should do, but really, what do the Celtics need?
An extra big man could help; Leon Powe and Big Baby Glen Davis (BBGD), despite their physical tools, are both undersized big men, and Patrick O'Bryant is still not getting the minutes that I and others believe he deserves. So who should we go after?
A name that comes up, who would excel in the Boston game plan, is Sacramento King, Brad Miller - a 10-year veteran who can hit shots, play good low-post defense, and pass like a dream; not "The Dream."
Some other bigs that could be a help: Utah's Mehmet Okur, Detroit's Rasheed Wallace, NY's Eddy Curry, Indy's Jeff Foster, and OK's Chris Wilcox. Maybe PP can lure P.J. Brown out of retirement again?
A back-up point guard could help, I guess. Gabe Pruitt is playing better and better, but some insurance is needed.
Yes, we know about Stephon Marbury; that could be a good grab seeing as how he can still play. Jannero Pargo looks to be staying in Europe, though he would be a great fit; how about Brevin Knight? Too small?
I'd be fine with Sam Cassell playing those minutes, but it doesn't seem Doc Rivers does.
What I think the Celts need most is something they already have in Bill Walker - a feisty, athletic show-stopper who can play defense as well as he can dunk. Once he begins to show Doc more in practice and makes an even more concerted effort on the defensive end, Walker will be a Celtic fixture. But will it happen this year?
So, if Walker doesn't explode onto the scene as fast as expected (by me), who could we pick up? How about Miami's Shawn Marion? Or Memphis' Hakim Warrick? Hell, let's get Ricky Davis back here!
Of course, we don't want to see any of our beloved Celts leave (departing with Delonte West, Ryan Gomes, and Al Jefferson was too rough - I was actually bummed when Gerald Green left),
but the chances are high that someone will be axed sooner than later.
The question remains though: who will it be? Not Scal; his contract's too high. Maybe Tony Allen? Or Pruitt, or Powe?
Please. Not Powe.
One thing's for sure: I'm not buying any jerseys that don't belong to any of the Celtics starting five.

1 comment:

  1. The Celtics are probably not going to be too active on the trade market...And throwing names like Brad Miller, Shawn Marion, Eddy Curry, or Mehmet Okur into the mix is way way way way way out of the question. The Celtics are in the luxury land as it is, adding another long term contract is not what this team needs. We don't have any trade bait or comparable contracts to players like this... More feasible options would be a Joe Smith or a Chris Wilcox type player.