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Celtics Need Marbury

Written By Philip Camara

What is the deal with this whole Stephon Marbury coming to Boston thing? Here we have a guy who is constantly labeled a team cancer, all of a sudden wanting to come a championship caliber team when he’s told he can’t step on the court for a dysfunctional organization in the New York Knicks. Some people are saying that he has contributed to the dysfunction. After all, his name was right in there when Isaiah Thomas was being accused of making inappropriate sexual remarks to a female employee of the Knicks. Mr. Marbury was also accused of committing sexual harassment in his relationship with a Knicks’ intern.
Still, with all the controversy and all the bad wraps, the fact remains that Marbury can ball. More importantly, Marbury can seriously score out of the guard position. Saying that the Celtics could use a scoring guard off the bench is almost becoming cliché. So what people need to realize is that the Celtics truly need Marbury because they need someone with something to prove.
What could be better than adding a player who wants to show everyone how good of a person he is in the locker room and how good of a player he can be on the court? All the previous KG and Stephon not getting along in Minnesota talk will be thrown out the window if they reunite, get along and win a ring.
The only remaining matter is whether the Knicks will even allow Marbury to leave. They shouldn’t be allowed to hold a player hostage, just like the Grizzlies weren’t supposed to be afraid of a lawsuit when they signed Darius Miles and actually let him play a few games. It is time the NBA makes a rule that clearly states that a team can be sued for not allowing one of its perfectly healthy players making over $20 million to play. Marbury is living the dream right now. He’s getting paid for doing nothing. But it’s looking more and more like he hates that image and he might not be the lazy guy everyone thinks he is. David Stern needs to intervene and if he doesn’t do it before March 1st, he should be sued too.


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