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All-Star woes (or Whoa! What gives?)

The reserves for the 2009 All-Star game have been announced.

And what a load it is.

I'll steer clear of the Western Conference roster, seeing as they did a decent job with that one - though Marcus Camby and Al Jefferson are both having deserving years. (I strongly believe that these guys would have had better odds if Shaq wasn't such a fabulous dancer.)

My vice is with the Eastern Conference roster and the absurd lack of one (and arguably two) players.

Sure. Devin Harris is having a great year. So is Joe Johnson, Danny Granger, Jameer Nelson, and Rashard Lewis. Take your hats off to them all - they're all playing like studs; each one of them are putting up really impressive numbers.

But so is Ray Allen - the, in my personal and unwavering opinion, Boston Celtics mid-season MVP.

I could make arguments as to why any and all of the aforementioned Eastern reserves should not have made it over Allen - those coaches really screwed the pooch on that one - but I won't.

With exception for the Orlando Magic and their lobbying troll of a coach, Stan Van Gundy.

The amount of pleading, praising, and prodding Van Gundy must have done prior to coach voting must have been legendary; an ungodly epic level of networking that surely caused his hands to crack at the seams and his voice to wither like the shag that tops his lumpy, three-point infatuated dome-spot.

Sure, he loves his players. But, does he love his players, or is he actually IN LOVE with them?

Let's look at the stats.

Ray Allen: 47 games played, 18.0 PPG, 3.4 RPG, 2.8 APG, .503 FG%, .415 3FG%, .936 FT%, 1.0 SPG

Nelson averages 17 points, five assists, three rebounds, a steal, and to his credit, is shooting like a madman with a FG% of .505 and a 3FG% of .454.

Lewis averages 19 a game, six boards, three assists, a steal, and is shooting 42% for threes and 45% on everything in between.

There's no question: these are great stats. Certainly All-Star numbers.

But more impressive than what Allen is doing? Nope.

Allen is 33, Lewis is 29, and Nelson is 25. Allen has played more games, is logging more minutes, has helped catapult the Celtics back into the NBA driver's seat, and is doing so in the ugly mug of all his nay-sayers who never thought his ankles would heal in time for Sunday Mass.

It's all conjecture, but where would Nelson's and Lewis' numbers be if they didn't have Dwight Howard on their team? That guy affords them more open shots then a Mexican shooting gallery.

Fact remains: Allen's numbers are just as impressive and he's on a better team.

What the Eastern Conference coaches did, for the second straight year, was deny the Celtics the rightful moniker of their Big Three. Last year, it was the Pistons; this year it's the Magic.

Makes no sense.

It's Ray Allen we're talking about - STILL the deadliest shooter in the game.

And then there's Rajon Rondo...so he doesn't shoot threes as well as Nelson. Who cares? Not me. The job he's done as a point guard, not a shooting guard like Nelson, has been phenomenal.

I can understand why Rondo was passed up, but come next year, if he's playing (shooting) better - which is a guarantee - and he's not an All-Star...well...it's probably because Derrick Rose is averaging 20.

Three cheers for point guards who would rather score than pass!!!


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